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Watercolor Print - Back In The Saddle
Back In The Saddle

Watercolor Print - Midnight Troubles
Midnight Troubles

Watercolor Print - Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey

Gary Hawk - Western Artist
Watercolor Print - Summer Day
Summer Day

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Cap Straps

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Gary Hawk - Western Art Logo Born on a farm near Hennessey, Oklahoma during the Great Depression, Gary Hawk moved with his family to a farm near Iola, Kansas in 1939, and still makes his home in Iola. A youth filled with riding horses, working cattle and running trap lines laid an early foundation for both a love of and familiarity with, his subject matter. Rooted in vivid memories of the past, that closeness has continued to grow through more firsthand experiences and ongoing relationships with today's ranchers, hunters and other outdoorsmen.

After studying art at Kansas State University and the Kansas City Art Institute, Gary worked as a designer for two major greeting card companies before deciding to devote all of his time to art in 1976. Since then his career has spiraled and his work has become nationally recognized through the distribution of original paintings, limited edition prints, and on fine knives, belt buckles and other premium quality merchandise.

President Reagan and Gary Hawk Named governor's Artist for the State of Kansas in 1977, his creations are in the private collections of prominent political and religious leaders, actors, and even astronauts. One of his proudest moments came when he was commissioned to paint a portrait of "Doc Adams" of the long-running "Gunsmoke" television series. The character was played by Milburn Stone, a native of Burrton, Kansas. Mr. Hawk made a presentation of his work to then-president Ronald Reagan at the White House. Gary Hawk paintings have also widely adorned magazines, trade journal and telephone directories, and he has appeared on television and in-person before numerous groups, schools and associations.

Treasured by those who possess them, Gary Hawk's renderings communicate in an unforgettable way with everyone who understands and appreciates the magic of the outdoor experience.

Gary Hawk's Studio - Western, Rural, & Wildlife  Art
Gary's studio in Iola, KS

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